Reception Rehearsal

Alister had just stepped away to check his phone.  It’s a good thing we got to the rehearsal early, we need all the dance practice we can get.  This location is amazing!  A tiled courtyard, surrounded by intricate stone columns, opening up to the gray sky.  Now he’s bent over his phone typing furiously.  I love that man, but he focuses on work emails too much.  Just look at the happy couple, the only other people in this vast arena.  Becca looks beautiful in that white dress, such poise and grace.  Jared simply beaming, her gallant knight.

I hoped to be married by now.  Becca and I were in the same class, I’ve been with Alister longer, but here we are at her wedding.  It’s like he’s dragging his feet.  We’re both committed to this relationship, I mean, we even own a house together.  I don’t know, I guess it’s different for everyone.

“You alright?” Alister asks from right behind me.

“Yeah, I’m fine, feet hurt though.”

“We could sit down for a bit,” he replies, looking over at Becca and Jared.  “Looks like they’re busy anyway.”

I nod and we walk back over to the bench.



“Do you want to get married?”