The geiger counter’s still flashing red, ever since the first blasts last night.  I’ve been trekking upwind for hours now.  Away from the billowing mushroom clouds.  Away from what used to be Amarah.  It’s just as well that I’m nauseous, I don’t have anything to eat anyway.  Managed to take this gas mask from an old woman when they attacked again last night.  I’m not proud of it, but she was going to die anyway.  Whenever I adjust the mask’s straps, a few more strands of my hair fall to the sand.

It has to be around noon by now, but the sky is still dark.  I hear another swarm of drones whirring close by, and I immediately stop.  The sound of their engines grows fainter, they must not be able to see me with all the soot and dust in the air.  The geiger counter’s beeping now, needle wavering around 80.  I need to get away from the radiation.  Even if it is already too late.