Ship Shopping

“Wha’ about this one Cap?  Clean, ‘bout 20ft, sails all look ok—”

“No no no, Roger we need a proper ship!  A real pirate ship, not that dingy.”

“Right you are sir, right you are. Somethin’ with a bit more panache eh?”

“Hmm.  I suppose.  We need the biggest, more impressive ship we can find.  And we need to set sail tonight.”

“Captain, about this whole commandeering business?”

“Not getting cold feet are you?  You haven’t been much of a first mate thus far.”

“Nay Captain, of course not.  It’s just…there are security cameras ‘ere at the marina, someone must’ve seen us walking about by now.”

“That’s why we come back tonight—  Ooh!  That one would be perfect Roger!  It’s nigh 40ft long.  Take her, paint the hull black, get some black sails snapping in the wind, flying the Jolly Roger across the high seas to the Horn of Africa!”

“She’s a beaut’ sir.  I haven’t clapped eyes on anything of the like!”

“That’s settled then.  We’ll come back at 0200 hours, commandeer the… Louise?  Stupid name.”

“Tis a stupid name sir, I’ll have that repainted straight away.”

“We’ll cast off and be in international waters by 0300, headed east for Sierra Leone.  And treasure!”

“Good plan Sir.  Permission to speak freely?”

“Always granted.”

“Make sure you silence your phone this time eh?  Don’t want to get thrown in lockup over your twitter notifications.”

“Oh Roger, what would I do without you?”

“Well Cap, you wouldn’t be out on bail right now, I can tell you that.”