First Day

“So,” Tony shouted over the sound of the garbage truck as he turned onto a narrow side street.  “How do you like being a garbage man?”

Steven glanced at his co-worker as of this morning.  ”Not so bad once you get used to the smell.”

Tony laughed, screeching to a stop at a nightclub’s back exit.  ”That’s why we try to keep moving!”

Two men in suits shuffled out of the door, into the dingy alleyway as the putrid vile stench assaulted Steven’s nostrils from the trash they’d already collected in the pre-dawn darkness.  The men were carrying a long black bag between them, it dipped at the middle.  They swung their load into the compactor and approached Tony’s door.

“Hold on,”  the large Italian man mumbled.  “Got one more for you.”

True to their word, they returned a moment later with a similar black bag, dipped in the middle.  The pinstripe suited men went back into the club and locked the door behind them.  Tony shifted to Drive and the truck rumbled back onto the main road.

“What was all that about?”  Steven asked, he knew that club wasn’t on their route.

“Nothing,” Tony replied, he checked the mirrors.  “Sometimes the boss has us stop to pickup a different kind of trash.  No offense man, I know it’s your first day, but it’s best not to ask questions.”