My blade cut through the mildewy rope with hardly a sound, not that anyone was listening.  I climbed up from the now wayward rudder onto the moonlit deck.  The watchman was up at the bow, but he was turning, I had to be quick.  I reached the captain’s safe while he was on deck trying to determine why our heading was drifting toward land.  The alarm bell sounded and I emptied the safe, pitching jewels and gold into my black satchel.  I was thrown into the wall as the ship struck land, the alarm bell clanged, all hands were called on deck.  Amid the confusion, I dropped into the lifeboat and drifted out to sea, not risking the oars just yet.  No one would look behind the ship when the bow was stuck on a sandbar, it looked like they were taking on water too.  I’ll lie here until dawn, by then I’ll be gone with the current, with enough treasure to buy my own ship.