Interstellar Projectiles

The auto-car slowed to a stop and I tore off my VR goggles in frustration.  I forgot how bright the sun was, like it dripped bleach over everything on the surface.  Hundreds of auto-cars hummed around mine, every 45 seconds we’d drone forward 6 meters.

Traffic for the second time this week.  What is it this time?  It’s not like anyone crashed, the auto-cars can’t crash themselves.  At least not after the last update.

A meteorite steamed from deep inside a crater 20 meters wide.  It hadn’t struck the mag-track, but the outside four lanes tipped as if to welcome the dull rock.  Auto-cars trickled through on the remaining eight lanes at a steady 6 meters every 45 seconds.

The goggles chirped to warn me about the boulder.  I slid them back on and punched up the running tally.  38 impacts within 100km this month and 92,761 worldwide.  Swirling gasses in the sky used to burn these things before they interfered with local traffic patterns.  That was a long time ago.  The shield was good, but not enough to withstand the barrage.  Their debris cannons might destroy our planet before our rail guns obliterated theirs.


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