“Perfectly Pristine Or Your Money Back!”

Business was good at the Robot Wash.  All shapes and sizes were welcome, from the micro-dots to the full metal suits.  If the machine was too big or too small to fit in the automated bay, Robot Wash’s trained detailers and metalworkers would clean your investment by hand.

Their customer retention secret caused some trouble when the RW5 compound was publicized.  Lauded as the best finishing wax in the galaxy, it actually contained a mild corrosive.  Over time, the compound would eat through the burnished metal, oxidize at a terrific rate, and work its way deeper into the robot’s chassis.

Customers tried everything from patching over the damaged areas to re-welding entire panels.  It was no use.  Once applied, nothing counteracted the RW5.  Except RW6, which Robot Wash’s entire franchise operation used in their “Basic Wash” package, on every customer’s bot.  This neutralized and repaired the damage caused by the RW5 during the bot’s last cleaning.

Of course, they sprayed a fresh coat of RW5 on as the robot flew, walked, or rumbled away.

The robots looked like new again, ratings skyrocketed, and business boomed.  Until it all came crashing down when their staff chemist published his memoir.


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