Open Position

Every school had a mysterious transfer student, but Chisaki was unique.  She neither isolated herself nor sought the approval of her classmates.  A boy in 2-A saw the bulletin first, the frenzy ensued minutes later.  Chisaki was accepting friendship applications.  There were no specified criteria, but applications must be submitted by the end of the day.

Some made their petitions in person, fawning in the hallway.  A few students ordered mountains of flowers to ingratiate themselves.  Others wrote pages and pages to plead their case.  One even assaulted a teacher to put the school on lockdown and give everyone more time.

Before the final bell Chisaki held a stack of applications 50cm tall, several articles of jewelry, the keys to four cars, thirty-two professions of love, 8kg of chocolate, and enough flowers to fill a botanical garden.

She would eventually make her decision and accept a friend.

The rest of them would have to try harder next time.


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