Emergency Response

Jeanine turned up the volume two clicks and leaned back into the well-worn leather upholstery.  She sped along the deserted highway with her xenon headlights scything through the encroaching darkness.  Bits of glitter reflected ahead and she swerved around a heap of twisted metal.  The remains of a Volvo leaned against the embankment.  Jeanine came to an abrupt stop and ran over to the wreck.  She pulled the door open and tugged the disoriented man clear.

“It’s alright,” she soothed.  “You’re going to be ok.  Just relax, help will be here soon.”

He mumbled something about a phantom gliding across the road and shuddered.

Jeanine tried her phone, but there was no service this far into the waste.  She pulled the man’s phone out of his jacket pocket, but it was locked.

“What’s your passcode?”

He shivered and stared blankly.

“Hey!  Stay with me, my phone doesn’t have a signal, I need to try yours and call for help, but you need to remember your passcode.”  She tucked an emergency foil blanket around him and looked at her watch.




Jeanine typed in the numbers and dialed.  “It’s me, I’ve got one about 12 miles out…On the highway…No, I don’t think so…He says he saw something ‘big and blue’…I know…12 miles in 6 hours is well within mobility parameters…Yes, of course we need to get it back, but we can’t just leave this guy out here either…Alright, send a team, but hurry…Yeah his Volvo is a mess, pieces everywhere and only four hours until dawn…I know it’s a lot of cleanup, but that’s your job…Well then stop talking about it, get a truck, pick up every piece of glass, haul in the witness, and recover the specimen…Now would be good.”


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