Mood Ring Product Review

I ordered two for me and my boyfriend.  They worked ok I guess but whenever we were together they didn’t.  I don’t know, like, they made us feel the opposite of what the other person felt.  I thought mood rings were supposed to show how you were already feeling, not make you feel a different way.  Anyway if I was happy, his ring made him feel sad.  If my ring made me quiet and calm, his ring made him all angry and intense.  If I’m, you know, “excited” he isn’t.  None of the other reviews mention this problem but maybe they didn’t order two.  Anyway we tried taking them off but of course only one of us wants to get rid of them at a time thanks to their effect on our moods.  But the rings are stuck!  No matter what we try they won’t come off.  My boyfriend tried to cut through the metal and ended up hurting his finger real bad.  I dunno, maybe if we weren’t together the rings wouldn’t effect each other.  But we’ve been dating for almost a whole year and I don’t want to give up on us over some stupid rings!  So two stars because they don’t work together, but they shipped fast.


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