Sole Proprietor

We should have found it yesterday, but the dig suffered a few setbacks.  The main tunnel flooded a week ago, and then 60 feet of granite nearly stopped our search altogether.

After 38 days of digging, blasting, and scraping, we unearthed the prize.  It was a heavy golden sphere, about two feet across, covered in etched runes.  The damn thing reflected so brightly I thought it was the sun for one addled moment.  No one knew what to call it, the brass kept all the details to themselves.  All we deserved was a set of coordinates and a vague description.

I offered to bag and carry the priceless artifact up to the surface.  As soon as I secured the straps, I dropped two flash-bangs.  After 38 days in the dark and quiet tunnels, my former partners howled on the ground and clutched their throbbing eyes.

I climbed, grinning maniacally.  This ancient power-source would fuel one hell of an espionage network.


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