Rapper Retreats

Does your forehead hurt from scowling all the time?  Are distant relatives hitting you up for cash?  Have people on your payroll forgotten who they work for?  If you’re a hip-hop performer who wants to perfect their craft and get away from the label, the media, and the reps, join us at Rapper Retreats.

We offer silent rooms for writing lyrics, contemplative gardens for harnessing your chi, and state of the art recording booths for what you do best.

Career-minded aficionados should consider Rapper Retreat’s full slate of invigorating seminars.  Consult with industry leaders and lifestyle gurus at our forum meetings.  Collaborate with the best producers and artists from all over the world at our Block Party Networking Events.  Hit the books and earn your finance certificate with classes taught by our in-house expert, Professor Rockefeller, to protect your hard earned stacks.

Improve your art, rekindle your passion, and diversify your portfolio at Rapper Retreats.