Sunflower Samurai: Construction & Fortifications

“Will practitioners be using any spiritual or other fantastic powers at the dojo, or just physical force?”

“Physical force, but the master is very powerful.  Since we are honor bound to accept all challengers, I cannot say what styles they may employ.”

“I am going to list some of our common building materials, stop me when you think the master might be unlikely to break through them.”

“Unintentionally?  Because he can shatter almost anything if he wants to.”

“Alright then, let me know when he might have some difficulty.  Bamboo, bricks, cinder blocks, steel-”

“How thick is the steel?”

“Six inches solid.”

“Go on.”

“Reinforced concrete, lead-lined concrete, lead-lined titanium reinforced concrete-”

“Well…that might present more of a challenge.  He could get through it of course, but anything more than two feet thick would take concerted effort.”

“Very well.  This chart shows all of our construction prices for the dimensions you provided.  All our projects carry a perpetual service and repair contract.  The firm will take care of all significant structural damage, regardless of the cause, up to one complete rebuild per year.

“As you can see, the stronger materials cost significantly more, but won’t need to be replaced as often.  I recommend the lead-lined titanium reinforced concrete in our 1 meter thickness.  Much stronger than necessary for your pupils, but if a powerful challenger arrives, you’ll be glad the building doesn’t collapse.”

“The last challenger, and current master, destroyed the old stone building and made a crater 100 meters wide.  We had to rebuild in a different province.”

“Yes Madam, you’ll notice that our contract only covers the building itself, all damage to the ground or utility infrastructure will be between you and the province.”

“Of course.”

“Well, you have all the information.  Take as much time as you need Madam Kuchiki and let us know when we can get started.”